From the crumbs of a summer nearing its end, in a night when the first rainfall was refreshing the asphalt and the smell of autumn was on the wind, an idea was born, maybe as a game or maybe to while away the time, an idea called EVENTOPEOPLE! It started life as One Night but soon evolved into Events on a Worldwide Scale, the idea immediately distinguished itself for its distinct flavour, embracing trends and the desire to experience an alternative kind of fun. Getting to know and like each other, experiencing another dimension together and the results were Sensational!

People with the widest variety of desires and from all ethnic groups came together in a context which without them would have been like a sail without wind, a bottomless box. We live the night of non-violence, of pleasure and emancipation, of good music and of new meetings to send out innovative messages.

Eventopeople: the musical background of people who live as they feel, of people who rebel against marginalization and bullying brutality. Eventopeople: for Free people!